How can parents help? 

The success of the Riverwood Athletic Program depends on generous donors and community support. The Riverwood Athletic Association’s (RAA) primary purpose is to raise money for every Raider sports team and for athletic facilities. The RAA functions as a single booster organization to ensure consistency and continuity to all sports programs. Beyond financial support, the RAA is always looking for committee volunteers. The current committees are: Membership, Team Parent Representatives, Treasury, Marketing & Communications, Sponsorship & Fundraising, Coaches, Facilities, and Community Outreach. Email RAA President Mike McQuary to become part of an RAA committee (

How to direct gifts to a specific team?                     

The Riverwood Athletic Association (RAA) is the school’s only athletic booster club and is specifically chartered to provide support for ALL sports programs. Support is centralized in this way to ensure quality in all programs. Recognizing that athletic teams periodically have extraordinary needs for equipment or other enhancements to their programs and that there are parents who desire to provide for those needs, any RAA member (minimum membership fee is $25) may donate directly to any team’s fundraising account. Designated funds are reserved for use by that particular team, with 10% of the sport-specific donation going to the RAA general fund. Please contact the team’s RAA parent representative for details.

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